Portico Plaza - Toongabbie's Local Shopping Centre

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About Your Local Toongabbie Shopping Centre
- Portico Plaza

Open 7 days a week for choice, convenience and value.

Woolworths is open early each day, until late in the evening.

Come along and support your local shopping centre, enjoy the light, bright, fresh surroundings and be part of the progress as your local shopping centre grows to provide you with even more convenience and value for money. 

More shoppers will attract more tenants, so spread the word and help build a vital part of your local community.

New Shops


Portico Plaza, when fully leased, will host over approximately 30 shops, providing convenience for your local grocery shopping and basic services, as well as some reward shopping - such as a discount fashion purchase or a lunch with friends.;

Latest additions to the centre include

ZARA World Travel

Chami Supreme Halal - Quality Meats and Smallgoods


Residential Living Above Portico Plaza

There is an approved development to build approximately 148 dwellings above the shopping centre, complete with pool and tennis court.

What's Going On


Santa will be here in the shopping center from 17/12/18 (Monday) to 21/12/18 (Friday) from 11 am to 3pm!!! Have a merry X-mas and a happy new near!!!

12 New Shops coming soon and a New Indian restaurant !!!

New Indian restaurant and also 12 more new shops coming soon !!!

Please contact Centre Management to book leasing for the shops

TEL : (02) 8863 2100
E: info@porticoplaza.com.au


Dear Shoppers,

Justice of The Peace in and for the State of NSW for 2018


November 5th : 10am - 12pm

November 19th and 21st :10am - 4pm

November 26th : 10am - 12pm

December 3rd and 10th: 10am - 12pm

December 17th and 19th : 10am - 4pm

For any enquiries please contact Centre Management

TEL : (02) 8863 2100
E: info@porticoplaza.com.au